Friday, February 22, 2013

Martial Law in the U.S.? All signs point to yes.

I haven't really written much here lately, because I haven't found much worth writing about. The news stays relatively the same: the United States is slipping into a Communistic third world dystopia. The Democrats are working hard to strip Americans of freedoms. The Republicans are feigning dismay while quietly pushing for the same. Only a handful of Congressmen and Women are actively trying to slow the decay.

But it's a pointless fight.
This country was predicated on the will of the people. It still is to a degree. But the majority of U.S. citizens are either too concerned with what celebrity wore what to what award show or too uninformed about what's going on within our government to understand just where we seem to be headed. For the small amount of citizens who are aware and concerned, there's not really anything new to them and not really anything that can be done to change it. So, I for one, have been concentrating on more personal matters. I believe a lot of us are these days. We're keeping our family and friends close and our supplies closer. It's funny how those who are actively preparing for any number of disasters are looked upon as fools...yet if/when it hits the fan, who's going to be the fool then?

As to where exactly we are headed, well I can only point to the signs. The signs like the Indefinite Detention clause in the NDAA (which Obama has given his word that he will never use...forgive me if I'm unswayed), that gives the government the legal right to arrest and hold any American citizen for an indefinite amount of time with no trial. That means they don't ever need proof to lock up citizens for life.

Then there's the Drone Strike controversy in which the White House has said that they have the legal right to kill American citizens with drones...again, without any proof needed. And more disturbing is that John Brennan, the man Obama wants to be the next head of the CIA, has refused to answer whether they could use drones on Americans on American soil.

And I'm sure by now most have heard about the Department of Homeland Security's purchase of 2 billion rounds of ammunition...a majority of that hollow point bullets that are NOT used for simple target practice because of their price. However, a new story is the $2 million worth of "No Hesitation" targets that the DHS has purchased for its target practice. Those include an old man, a pregnant woman, and a child. Now why on the good green earth would the government need targets of pregnant women and children!?? They've said it's because they need to prepare their new recruits for their new job. So apparently their new job will be shooting at American citizens, including women, children, and the elderly.

A year ago if you would have told me that the United States government was preparing for Martial Law, I would have laughed in your face. Now, all a thinking man can surmise is that that is exactly what they are preparing for. Why, when, or how is anybody's guess. But as of right now, all signs point directly to Martial Law. Only a fool would be unprepared.