Friday, August 23, 2013

Islamic Terrorist Nadal Hasan and the P.C. Police

First off let me just explain that my computer is on the fritz, so postings will be few and far between, unfortunately. And yet there are so many things to write about. The continued chaos in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood ravages Christians, secularists, and anyone else who would prefer not to have Sharia Law forced upon them...increasing black on white violence here in America, which all seems to be part of the socialists' plan...and today the guilty verdict for former Major, currant POS Nidal Hassan. Or however you spell his name. Normally a stickler for accuracy in my postings, I won't even bother to find out how to spell his name because he doesn't deserve even the slightest considerations, frankly.

Yet all of these stories have a common thread: political correctness.

Here in America, violence within the Black Community is all but ignored. The P.C. Police make sure that anyone who dares bring it up are quickly labeled as racists. Mentioning that Islamic Extremists come from Islam gets you quickly poo-pood as a bigot. And anyone who pulls out the common sense view that Gun Free Zones only make life safer for criminals is silenced as someone who must hate children. Yes, in the P.C. World little makes sense and logic is quickly washed away. Yet our world is becoming more and more "P.C."

Which is why I wanted to rant about Major Muslim Filth Bucket a little. It was the Army's PC policies that allowed him to murder and maim real American heroes. It was political correctness that failed to recognize that this ugly pedophile worshipper may in fact be trying to follow in his idol's footsteps by killing innocent people with no provocation. It was political correctness that forbade further inquiry into this follower of Satan's minion while he scribbled "Allah be praised" on all of his official reports. It was political correctness that made part of Fort Hood into a Gun Free Zone which allowed this moon god worshiper to know his targets would be unarmed. It was political correctness that labeled his terrorist attack as "workplace violence" so he could keep getting paid but his victims couldn't. And it was political correctness that allowed this follower of cowardice to keep his beard against Army regulations during his trial so as to not upset his fake god. Somehow, the idiots who adhere to political correctness think that the other cowardly, dirty, stinking Arab a-holes that want to kill us will want to kill us if we upset them. Hey morons: THEY ALREADY WANT TO KILL US!!!
The Muslims who adhere to strict Muslim law and want it imposed on the entire world already hate you, me, and every other American, Jew, and anybody else not following their strict brand of Islam. They even kill other it's not like reason plays a big part in their psychosis. Yet the moronic P.C. Police live in a fantasy world where everyone can live hand in hand and sing kumbaya around one magic fire just as long as we say and do the exact right thing. Well, anyone with half a brain knows that is nothing but it's time to cut the stupidity out of our lives. Because if not, political correctness will kill us all.

As for Nidal Hessan...well he wants to die a martyr, so I say go and ahead and make his day. Only first, he should have his beard forcibly shaven with a rusty saw. And then, he should have his head removed with the same rusty saw. Make a video of it. Put it on the internet. If terrorists want to be made martyrs, we should make that the most degrading and painful way possible. Cover them in pig urine, chain them naked in the desert sun to let the animals eat them alive. If they wanna die, we should help. After all, why can't we play the same game the cowardly Muslims do? Oh right, because we're P.C.