Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who Are the "Extremists" in Islam?

Well according to Muslims at a conference in's all of them.

Allen West posted this on his website. Apparently, the media has been using the term incorrectly to describe only a small number of Muslims. Glad they cleared it up for us!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

That's The Plan, Man!

Once I discovered that our president, Barack Obama, is a Marxist, it put most of his Administration's decisions into focus.(Just for the record, the words Marxist, Communist, and Socialist are interchangeable. Ideologically speaking, they're the same thing. For all the idiots who continue to criticize people who call Obama a communist because "they don't know the difference between Socialists and Communists": try reading books instead of burning them. When you say that, all you do is confirm that you have no idea what you're talking about.) I suppose another term that could be used to describe Obama and the goals of his Administration is totalitarianism. That is, complete government control over all aspects of American life.

Wherever the ideology comes from, the goal is the same. Total government control. The Democrat-Socialist Party is all about this control, whether we're talking about healthcare or regulations or anything else that party is pushing. Unfortunately for them, the Founders of this nation valued individualism over collective control, and the Freedoms they protected in the Constitution reflect that and hinder total government control. Which means Socialism can't be instituted quickly, like it has been in most Socialist nations. The Constitution prevents it.

Which is why the goal of Socialists has been to slowly infiltrate the American system; from schools to political parties, socialism disguised as liberalism (as Ronald Reagan predicted) has ensconced itself into just about every aspect of American life, in so much as now the very leaders of our government are naked socialists, seeking to fundamentally change America into a Socialist nation under totalitarian control.

And as the Constitution stands in the way of that, it must be changed or eliminated. Now in order to do that, the American people themselves must agree to it. Something that at one time seemed impossible. And so how will the leaders of our government accomplish this? Well they will have to change American life itself. Socialized medicine will help with that. But also, the leaders know that in order for the people to agree to change our Constitution, the government must be able to provide something that the people need and can't get without government help. Which is why the two main sociological differences you will see under this Administration will be 1) entitlements, and 2) violence.

It's a simple idea really, following common sense and logic...though I understand those are becoming rarer. But in order to control the people, you need to control distribution to people. I don't think I need to go into detail about the rise of entitlements in this nation. But the other way to get people under total government control is to allow the decay of civilization to such a point that the people will cry out to the government for help. The rise of violent crime is not seen as a political tool, unlike entitlements, and is easier to deny as such. But it is, and can be, used as such. By crushing the economy, allowing the violent to live off entitlements, and discouraging the prevention of violence, society will quickly become more violent. Enough violence, and enough Americans will acquiesce to whatever government wants so long as they also stop the violence. It is to this end that we see our Department of Justice not only discouraging investigations into criminal activity (illegal immigration for one), but also being involved in activities that will end up making life here in America more dangerous. The proliferation of weapons among criminal elements being one of those activities. And tonight I read that I'm not alone in this conclusion.

Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee (and thus endlessly investigating government scandals), in the middle of another weapons scandal involving the now Orwellian Department of Justice, said he is beginning to believe the Obama Administration is allowing bad things to happen just so they can push their agenda. In a nutshell, that they are using violence as a political tool. Issa said:

"When you have the attorney general's own offices being informed about a very dangerous person exporting hand grenades and converting AK-47s into machine guns and they let him continue as part of not, Fast and Furious, but a completely separate failure, I think what you see is an administration that I'm beginning to think really did want to let bad things happen in hopes they would get [an] assault weapons ban. The dots are being connected more and more to these kinds of actions."

Of course they are, Mr. Issa. Because that's the plan.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Islamic Terrorist Nadal Hasan and the P.C. Police

First off let me just explain that my computer is on the fritz, so postings will be few and far between, unfortunately. And yet there are so many things to write about. The continued chaos in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood ravages Christians, secularists, and anyone else who would prefer not to have Sharia Law forced upon them...increasing black on white violence here in America, which all seems to be part of the socialists' plan...and today the guilty verdict for former Major, currant POS Nidal Hassan. Or however you spell his name. Normally a stickler for accuracy in my postings, I won't even bother to find out how to spell his name because he doesn't deserve even the slightest considerations, frankly.

Yet all of these stories have a common thread: political correctness.

Here in America, violence within the Black Community is all but ignored. The P.C. Police make sure that anyone who dares bring it up are quickly labeled as racists. Mentioning that Islamic Extremists come from Islam gets you quickly poo-pood as a bigot. And anyone who pulls out the common sense view that Gun Free Zones only make life safer for criminals is silenced as someone who must hate children. Yes, in the P.C. World little makes sense and logic is quickly washed away. Yet our world is becoming more and more "P.C."

Which is why I wanted to rant about Major Muslim Filth Bucket a little. It was the Army's PC policies that allowed him to murder and maim real American heroes. It was political correctness that failed to recognize that this ugly pedophile worshipper may in fact be trying to follow in his idol's footsteps by killing innocent people with no provocation. It was political correctness that forbade further inquiry into this follower of Satan's minion while he scribbled "Allah be praised" on all of his official reports. It was political correctness that made part of Fort Hood into a Gun Free Zone which allowed this moon god worshiper to know his targets would be unarmed. It was political correctness that labeled his terrorist attack as "workplace violence" so he could keep getting paid but his victims couldn't. And it was political correctness that allowed this follower of cowardice to keep his beard against Army regulations during his trial so as to not upset his fake god. Somehow, the idiots who adhere to political correctness think that the other cowardly, dirty, stinking Arab a-holes that want to kill us will want to kill us if we upset them. Hey morons: THEY ALREADY WANT TO KILL US!!!
The Muslims who adhere to strict Muslim law and want it imposed on the entire world already hate you, me, and every other American, Jew, and anybody else not following their strict brand of Islam. They even kill other it's not like reason plays a big part in their psychosis. Yet the moronic P.C. Police live in a fantasy world where everyone can live hand in hand and sing kumbaya around one magic fire just as long as we say and do the exact right thing. Well, anyone with half a brain knows that is nothing but it's time to cut the stupidity out of our lives. Because if not, political correctness will kill us all.

As for Nidal Hessan...well he wants to die a martyr, so I say go and ahead and make his day. Only first, he should have his beard forcibly shaven with a rusty saw. And then, he should have his head removed with the same rusty saw. Make a video of it. Put it on the internet. If terrorists want to be made martyrs, we should make that the most degrading and painful way possible. Cover them in pig urine, chain them naked in the desert sun to let the animals eat them alive. If they wanna die, we should help. After all, why can't we play the same game the cowardly Muslims do? Oh right, because we're P.C.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Democracy at Work in Egypt

As the Egyptian president, Mohammad Morsi, is told by the military that his rule is over, millions of Egyptians celebrate in the streets. This, my friends, is what democracy looks like. Since his election, Morsi has consolidated more power to himself and his Muslim Brotherhood. The result has been less, not more freedom, in Egypt. And today the people of Egypt have risen up and declared that they will not allow authoritarian rule.

I have been shocked by the reporting of this by the Western news channels. Most are painting this as an illegal military coup that has stripped Egypt of democracy. Shep Smith even said that democracy didn't last long in Egypt. A CNN reporter said Israel will be upset with this, as will many Western countries. (Yeah, I'm sure Israel prefers the man who "Amen'd" a prayer to destroy the Jews to be ruler of Egypt) Most are upset because Morsi was democratically elected, and believe that the people of Egypt should just live him for 4 more years. Well let me clue you in on to what the Egyptian people would have to deal with. Christians imprisoned. Muslim minorities beaten to death. Freedom repressed.

To Americans and other Western countries, deposing an elected president may seem extreme. But you need to remember that in Egypt, there is no set Constitution laying out the laws of the land no matter who is in charge. After Mubarak was deposed, the laws of Egypt were open to change. And Morsi changed them to reflect a more extreme Islamic belief. His Islamic Constitution was not what the people of Egypt voted for and it was not what they wanted. His refusal to meet with and listen to Minority Groups was not what the Egyptian people expected. So yes, Morsi may have been democratically elected, but he was so based on the promises he made to listen to all the voices in Egypt, not just the extreme Islamic ones. And he failed to live up to those promises, and to make Egypt a better place to live. And so democracy in action is playing out in front of our eyes...and Morsi's oppressive regime is gone. Democracy is messy, but it is far better than tyranny. I applaud the Egyptian people on their stand for liberty, for one and all. Let the world take note: this is democracy!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The NSA and the Nazis: Lessons from History

The NSA spying program, recently revealed, is troubling on many levels. The most troubling, however, may just be Americans lack of concern over it.

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows majority ok with NSA spying.

The most disturbing thing about the above poll is that in 2007, the same poll showed that a majority of Republicans/Conservatives favored domestic spy programs while a majority of Democrats/Liberals opposed them. So basically, it seems that Americans don't care if their government spies on their communications just as long as they support the person in charge. You know who else didn't care if their government spied on them? The Germans in 1933.

History is full of important tips for how we should handle our present...actually that's pretty much the point of recorded history. Unfortunately, too few people pay attention to history for it to make much difference. And most people decry any kind of historical point if it involves Adolf Hitler. It seems that most people think that Adolf Hitler was the worst human being to ever exist and so want to erase him from history, and our minds, entirely. I disagree. I think Hitler was the worst human being to ever exist and so I want to learn about the things he did so that we can prevent them from ever happening again. Forgetting Hitler is the first step to letting another one rise.

Still, as soon as many people hear a comparison to Nazi Germany they cry foul and chastise me for even making such a comparison. Here's why they shouldn't. And why every American (heck, every human) should be concerned about the NSA and other government programs designed to spy on citizens.

On February 27th, 1933, the German parliament building, called the Reichstag, was burned to the ground. To this day, no one knows exactly who started the fire. (Some claim the Nazis themselves did it.) But German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party leaders nonetheless blamed it on the Communists. They said that the Communists were planning a revolution against the German government and that the Reichstag Fire was supposed to be a sign to Communist terror cells all over the country to begin a wave of attacks. Within 24 hours of the fire, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Expression were all suspended. The majority of German citizens gave up these rights without a second thought. It was necessary, they said, in order to prevent the terrible attacks the Communists were planning.

School teacher Louise Solmitz justified it by saying, "[The Communists] wanted to send armed mobs into villages to commit murder and plunder. Hostages would be taken from the Middle Class. Wives and children of police officers used as human shields."

Brunswick resident Elizabeth Gebensleben added, "This ruthless intervention by the government may appear strange, but we must clean up. The Communists have to disappear."

And author Sebastian Haffner described the attitude of most Germans with this: "All of [the people I talked to] are very interested in the question of who really started the fire, and more than one of them hinted that they had doubts about the official story. But none of them were bothered that from now on their telephones would be tapped, their letters opened, and their desks broken into." [Emphasis mine]

Thousands of people associated with the Communist Party were imprisoned across Germany, without evidence or trial. Simply being a member of that political party was enough to get you arrested, indefinitely imprisoned, or worse. Yet the majority of German people approved of the invasive measures of the Nazi government and applauded the round up of the Communists. After all, the government was only doing it to protect its citizens. And giving up some degree of privacy is worth it in order to be safe. Plus, as long as you weren't a Communist, you had nothing to worry about. The German people were ok with it.

All you have to do is replace the word communist with the word terrorist and you have the America of today. Shall we continue our view of history to see how it worked out for the Germans?

On the 23rd of March, 1933, the German parliament voted to pass the Enabling Act, basically making Adolf Hitler dictator. After all, it was a time of national emergency, and the Nazis would be better able to protect the citizens from Communist terrorists if Hitler didn't have to constantly go through the German parliament. Again, the German people applauded the move. One said, "We cry with happiness and joy! All traces of resistance have been eliminated. Enthusiasm grips the entire nation! We can hardly believe that our beloved F├╝rher stands alone at the head of the Reich!"

Sebastian Haffner described the following months like this: "Church bells ring; children wave flags. There are daily parades. The people have become used to cheering, even when there's no reason for it. It is reason enough that people who distance themselves from the Nazis are tortured to death daily with steel whips and electric drills."

The German people enjoyed a prosperous year. Most had high hopes for their future and the future of their children. They were unconcerned with reports of political dissidents being targeted by the police and government. They cared less about the government spying on their communications. They celebrated the arrests of the Communists and believed they were living in a better Germany than they had been a year ago. 1934 looked like it was going to be a good year. For some, it was anything but.

In 1934, the Nazis began their eugenics program. Weeding out "undesirable genetic traits" was a key to this. And so the German government began surgically preventing anyone with undesirable traits from breeding. Over 400,000 Germans were forcibly sterelized for such "genetic flaws" as blindness, deafness, epilepsy, homosexuality, mental depression, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, and physical deformity, among others. Including suffering a nervous breakdown, as one factory worker explained to her friend: "I have been informed by writing that I am to be rendered infertile. I reject this decision. I cannot understand why they want to sterilize me since I've done nothing wrong. Anyone could have suffered from a nervous breakdown."

Suddenly, having the government listening to your phone calls and reading your mail didn't turn out to be such a minor thing. The government knowing private details about their citizens made it a whole lot easier for them to determine how to handle them. Accusing the government of crimes in a letter could get you arrested. Asking your sick aunt how she was doing over the phone could get her sterilized. There was no place to hide.

I know, I couldn't happen here. Well do you honestly think that the German citizens thought that the things that happened to them would in 1933? Do you think that Germans with epilepsy thought that they would be forcibly sterilized? Do you think that German Jews thought that they would be slaughtered? They didn't, as author Erich Ebermayer explained in 1933: "We are having lunch with a law professor and his wife. They are both Jewish. The amazing thing is that this clever, charming woman is not at all opposed to the Nazis. On the contrary, she lectures us on the outstanding qualities of Adolf Hitler, on the greatness of the age which we are allowed to witness, on the national rebirth. And she is firmly convinced that no harm whatsoever will come to educated Jews in Germany."

What do you say, American? Firmly convinced that no harm whatsoever will come of the government spying program? Firmly convinced that "it could never happen here?" I hope and pray that you are right. But history tends to disagree.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Government Collecting Data on ALL Americans

I first saw this a few months ago, and really just filed it away. I don't believe everything I see on the Internet. But with today's breaking news that the NSA has been collecting phone records, emails, and Internet posts, this guy's story becomes not only believable, but credible. The government is watching you. And violating the Constitution of the United States of America. Now, will enough people care? That is the real question.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Star-Spangled Banner by Madison Rising

I know the Marxists controlling our government are whittling away the greatness of our once proud country. But the reason Marxists attempt to squash religion is because little things can cause a great deal of inspiration. And a little bit of inspiration can be a powerful thing. While America is being destroyed by idiots on the West Coast and the East Coast (and by a few in the middle) the fire of freedom has yet to be extinguished in a great deal of Americans. And America will never truly die if She resides in our hearts, regardless of where this country heads.

To that effect I offer you perhaps one of the best renditions of our National Anthem, performed by a rocking young band who's goal is to fan the flames of American patriotism. Facebook even tried blocking this band's videos, claiming it was just a "glitch" when enough people rose a stink. Now, thanks to Facebook's liberal tendencies, many more people have heard about this band and are sharing their songs. This is Madison Rising with a rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner that will bring a tear to any patriot's eye. Enjoy, and God bless the USA!