Saturday, October 26, 2013

That's The Plan, Man!

Once I discovered that our president, Barack Obama, is a Marxist, it put most of his Administration's decisions into focus.(Just for the record, the words Marxist, Communist, and Socialist are interchangeable. Ideologically speaking, they're the same thing. For all the idiots who continue to criticize people who call Obama a communist because "they don't know the difference between Socialists and Communists": try reading books instead of burning them. When you say that, all you do is confirm that you have no idea what you're talking about.) I suppose another term that could be used to describe Obama and the goals of his Administration is totalitarianism. That is, complete government control over all aspects of American life.

Wherever the ideology comes from, the goal is the same. Total government control. The Democrat-Socialist Party is all about this control, whether we're talking about healthcare or regulations or anything else that party is pushing. Unfortunately for them, the Founders of this nation valued individualism over collective control, and the Freedoms they protected in the Constitution reflect that and hinder total government control. Which means Socialism can't be instituted quickly, like it has been in most Socialist nations. The Constitution prevents it.

Which is why the goal of Socialists has been to slowly infiltrate the American system; from schools to political parties, socialism disguised as liberalism (as Ronald Reagan predicted) has ensconced itself into just about every aspect of American life, in so much as now the very leaders of our government are naked socialists, seeking to fundamentally change America into a Socialist nation under totalitarian control.

And as the Constitution stands in the way of that, it must be changed or eliminated. Now in order to do that, the American people themselves must agree to it. Something that at one time seemed impossible. And so how will the leaders of our government accomplish this? Well they will have to change American life itself. Socialized medicine will help with that. But also, the leaders know that in order for the people to agree to change our Constitution, the government must be able to provide something that the people need and can't get without government help. Which is why the two main sociological differences you will see under this Administration will be 1) entitlements, and 2) violence.

It's a simple idea really, following common sense and logic...though I understand those are becoming rarer. But in order to control the people, you need to control distribution to people. I don't think I need to go into detail about the rise of entitlements in this nation. But the other way to get people under total government control is to allow the decay of civilization to such a point that the people will cry out to the government for help. The rise of violent crime is not seen as a political tool, unlike entitlements, and is easier to deny as such. But it is, and can be, used as such. By crushing the economy, allowing the violent to live off entitlements, and discouraging the prevention of violence, society will quickly become more violent. Enough violence, and enough Americans will acquiesce to whatever government wants so long as they also stop the violence. It is to this end that we see our Department of Justice not only discouraging investigations into criminal activity (illegal immigration for one), but also being involved in activities that will end up making life here in America more dangerous. The proliferation of weapons among criminal elements being one of those activities. And tonight I read that I'm not alone in this conclusion.

Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee (and thus endlessly investigating government scandals), in the middle of another weapons scandal involving the now Orwellian Department of Justice, said he is beginning to believe the Obama Administration is allowing bad things to happen just so they can push their agenda. In a nutshell, that they are using violence as a political tool. Issa said:

"When you have the attorney general's own offices being informed about a very dangerous person exporting hand grenades and converting AK-47s into machine guns and they let him continue as part of not, Fast and Furious, but a completely separate failure, I think what you see is an administration that I'm beginning to think really did want to let bad things happen in hopes they would get [an] assault weapons ban. The dots are being connected more and more to these kinds of actions."

Of course they are, Mr. Issa. Because that's the plan.

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