Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is a degree from Clown College needed to get into Congress?

So I just watched half an hour of C-SPAN, and other than realizing that I must've just turned 65, I also came to the conclusion that a diploma from a clown college is soon gonna be a requirement for Congress....if it isn't already.

In the Senate, some Republicans stood up and said President Obama and the Senate Democrats are lame and not doing anything. After that, some Democrats got up and said they can't do anything because the Republicans won't let them. Then they went for lunch. (Ok, they didn't really...but they DO go on vacation Friday until mid-November!) What a great job! You don't really have to do anything, and then you can blame it on someone else. Then you go on vacation. We should all be so lucky!

Then in the House, they're discussing the Department of Justice report about the Department of Justice's involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal. Yeah, that's right. The Department of Justice got to investigate itself, and make the official report. Really?? That's like allowing someone charged with a crime to make the case whether they should be convicted or not. What do you think they're gonna say? And the Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives is thanking them for it. "Gee thanks for letting us know you didn't do anything wrong according to yourselves."

I don't think there's a word for this kind of stupidity.

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