Monday, September 24, 2012

Man mauled by tiger at Bronx Zoo

Friday, a man jumped out of the monorail he was riding into the tiger enclosure at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The man, David Villalobos, reportedly told authorities that he did it because he "wanted to be one" with the tiger. Well...he became one meal, as the tiger mauled him for about ten minutes before zoo officials could get him out. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition, which has since been upgraded to stable.

I love these stories, highlighting the stupidity of human kind. Like the Russian man last year who jumped into the bear enclosure. I mean, honestly, you have to be some kind of mental defective in order to put yourself into such a stupidly hazardous position. There's a reason large, meat eating animals aren't put in petting zoos. THEY'RE DANGEROUS TO HUMANS!!! Most of these animals, especially tigers, are beautiful and wonderous animals. Just being able to be close to these animals (albeit separated by large fences) is a wonderful experience. But a lack of respect for their power and ferocity is one of the most ignorant positions on planet Earth. To think somehow they won't attack you is just plain stupid. I believe anyone moronic enough to jump into a wild animal's pen should just be left there. If you're stupid enough to do that, you're too stupid to live.

Luckily, the tiger won't face any punishment. The man, however, will be arrested and charged with trespassing. Too bad there's no charge for idiocy.

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