Wednesday, September 19, 2012

White House demands Military Prisons for Americans under NDAA

It's getting exhausting. Everyday, I read or hear about something this Administration is doing or pushing that is unconstitutional and dangerous to our freedoms as Americans.
Now there's this report, that the White House is asking for an immediate stay on a ruling by a federal judge last week in order to reaffirm the president's power to indefinitely detain Americans without charge. Did you get that? THE PRESIDENT'S POWER TO INDEFINITELY DETAIN AMERICANS WITHOUT CHARGE!

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest made permanent the injunction she originally declared temporary in May. Immediately the Obama Administration declared they would appeal the ruling, and this past Monday, they followed through. The White House filed an emergency stay in federal appeals court in an effort to get the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to strip the ruling, thus reaffirming the president's power as set forth by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, or the NDAA. If the stay is granted, the Administration would continue to have indefinite detain powers until the appeal is heard. Apparently, this is causing a stand-off between the executive and judiciary branches, as reported by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who is listed as a plaintiff and has seen this type of broad power used against citizens in other countries.

So there you go people. Our checks and balances which protect us from the president becoming a dictator are being pushed to the limit. President Obama is not accepting the judiciary check on his power, and is trying hard to find ways around it.

Now it's being reported that this power is important as a protection against terrorists, and that it's especially needed now because the violent wave of Muslim protests against an anti-Islamic movie may start happening here in America, and that there is currently no other way to detain Muslim leaders intent on causing a riot. I call bogus on that! I've seen videos of Christians being arrested during a Muslim festival for "disturbing the peace" when all they were doing was talking calmly to a small group of Muslim children. If they can be detained for that...then certainly Muslim leaders urging violent protests can be detained as well. So that excuse doesn't hold one drop of water. Rather, I think, this power will give the president the authority to detain ANYONE who voices dissent against him.

THIS IS THE SAME THING THE NAZIS DID! They used the excuse of protecting the people from dangerous, radical Communists...and eventually used that power to detain anyone who didn't fit their plan or argued against them. WAKE UP AMERICA! When our government can rightly be compared to the Nazis....we are in some serious need of a change!

RT has the full story here

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