Friday, December 7, 2012

As Egypt erupts in violence, where is Obama?

As protests in Egypt turn violent, Barack Obama is strangely silent. Last year when protesters called for an end to Mubarak's reign as Egypt's dictator-president, Obama proudly proclaimed that we (or he, as he liked to put it in the debates) stood with the protesters. He said that the people of Egypt need to be able to live freely in a democratic system, and so Mubarak needed to step down.

Well now, as Mubarak has been deposed, Mohamed Morsi has been democratically elected and promptly drafted a new constitution that basically declares himself unlimited power. In other words, he wants to be a dictator.

Now as the people in Egypt are, once again, protesting a dictator ruling over them with an iron fist, Obama has remained silent. No speeches about how the Egyptian people need to be able to live freely in a democratic system this time. Maybe he thinks he made a mess last time and doesn't want to repeat that mistake? Maybe he just thinks one kind of dictator is better than another kind? Who knows? But you'd think the President of the United States would have something to say about it. After all, we do give them over a billion dollars of aid a year.

And where is Hillary Clinton? She was just hanging out with Morsi in order to try and work out a Hamas/Israel cease fire...but now, she's nowhere to be found. She took such pleasure cackling about the death of Gaddafi, but as another man seeks to stamp on the neck of his people, she has suddenly grown mute. Guess that 2016 presidential run needs all of her attention. Apparently, people being murdered in Egypt by a would-be dictator that they helped get into power isn't important enough to distract Obama and Hillary from their vacation plans. Glad we (they) have such a good foreign policy and are helping spread democracy around the world.

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