Wednesday, December 5, 2012

C'mon Baby, Eat the Rich!

By now you may have seen the video made for the California Federation of Teachers (is there any other kind?) entitled "Tax the Rich." This cartoon espouses the Marxist Class Warfare that has suddenly become normal in our country. The poor are poor because the rich have taken all their money. Not only is this cartoon hilariously inaccurate, it also uses stereotypes from, like, the 1920's. I haven't seen a fat rich guy with a monocle smoking a cigar since the last time I played Monopoly. And not really even then cause I played Lord of the Rings Monopoly. I also love that a cartoon teaching that the rich are evil is narrated by a rich guy. That's, dare I say it, rich! Here's the aforementioned cartoon.

I have to admit, I only watched like two minutes of that...but I caught the highlights on Red Eye last night, so I know what happens. I find it extremely humorous that two out of the three types of ways the rich got richer-by taking advantage of loop holes and by just not paying taxes-have been used by some of Obama's most lucrative backers. Yet Democrats don't want to close loopholes like some Republican plans call for. So why is it that the Republicans are seen as protecting the rich while the Democrats are seen as against the rich and for the poor?? I guess stereotypes are hard to break. While Obama spews his Marxist Class Warfare, the Political Class live like royalty. Get used to it. Socialism has never formed a one class system. The fat cats in the government, on both sides of the aisle, will always seek to remain the fat cats. Luckily for them, Socialism allows some to continue living the high life while the majority suffers. No wonder Boehner wants on the boat.

I also came across this video by Bill Whittle, which does a good job of explaining why the whole "Tax the Rich" battle cry is nothing more than Marxist drivel.

So there ya go, liberals. Good luck trying to explain why you want to tax the rich after seeing that. With a government that spends $11 for every $7 taken could eat the rich and still not be able to run this government.

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