Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hot-Dog Man Cometh

The news the past few days seems to be oversaturated with the Right-To-Work vote, and the surrounding mayhem, going on in Michigan. Which I have been mostly ignoring.

There really seems to be no big issue to me. If people have the option to join a union or not based on their own decision...well that doesn't seem like such a bad thing, for either party. I get that unions would prefer people be forced into the union so they can get union dues from everyone, but having it be an individual's choice really wouldn't affect the unions all that much. After all, isn't giving an individual a choice a good thing, and inherently American? I don't like being forced into anything. (Like health insurance.)

I mean, I was in the union when I worked for UPS, so I understand some of the benefits of being in a union. My first week there I got chewed out by a higher up for making a simple mistake and I was afraid I'd get fired, the way he was talking. But my union rep calmly explained that it happens to everyone and I'd be ok and it was a relief to have him there. And after working there a little while I understood how the union protected people from being fired for simple mistakes.

If people have a choice whether to join a union or not, sure some will choose to not join. And sure the union will lose out on some dues from workers. But honestly, people will be able to see the benefits of being in the union after a short time, and if the union does some simple campaigning, they could get the majority of people working to decide to join the union anyway. So really, this is not a big deal. At all.

Yet, the unions have decided that it is a big deal, and that it's big enough to get really nasty about it. They have assaulted people, overrun the Capitol building, and now the worst of all crimes: attacked the innocent.

Clint Tarver is a hot-dog vendor who has become somewhat of a celebrity in Lansing, Michigan. Not only does he sell some mighty tasty hot dogs, he is apparently a pretty awesome dude as well. He talks to everyone. Even dogs. He feeds the homeless. He thinks it's important to remember people's names. He is all that is right with America. And the other day, simply because he was serving hot dogs to the people who opposed the unions, he was attacked. His vending cart was destroyed. He was called vile racial slurs. All because the union goons thought he was on the other side. He said himself later that he's on no one's side; he was just selling hot dogs like he has for over ten years.

The Daily Caller has a great article about Tarver and the incident here: Tea Party thugs destroy black man's business

The union thugs who have decided to make a mountain of a mole hill may not know who is on the opposing side...but their "scorched earth" policy of violence and hate-mongering has made one thing certain: they're gonna have a lot more people opposed to them now than they ever were if they had just treated this like the non-issue it should be.

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