Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hillary Clinton skipping Benghazi hearings...again.

Boy, it's such a good thing there was a mass shooting on Friday, so that the media complex can have an excuse for completely ignoring this pile of horse manure spewing out of the Obama Administration. As I recall, Hillary couldn't make the first hearing either because she was at a wine tasting with friends in Australia.

Now this load of mularky (as Joe Biden would put it) is her excuse?? She fell down and hit her head so, sorry Congress, you can't get any answers about why American diplomats are dead. Hillary has taken all the responsibility, you remember, but she won't say what exactly she actually knows. Why should the peons that are the American populace need to be informed about anything their government does? It's become totally acceptable for our government to lie, hide, and obfuscate facts in order to do their work in the dark. We in America still hold the fallacy that our government is beholden to us...but our leaders are quickly making that notion a thing of the past. How long until they just start telling Congress "no, we won't answer you" instead of making up not-so-clever lies? It shouldn't be long at this rate. I mean, they are giving her a pass for a "concussion."

Now maybe most people don't know, but I've had at least one concussion when I was younger. It was just a mild one, but I wasn't in bed a week later ignoring the world. Heck, I've known guys who had serious concussions when I was in highschool and two days later, they were back in school, headache and all. Professional athletes PLAY with concussions (though I wouldn't recommend that). Yet Hillary is unable to sit in a comfy chair for two hours in order to answer some questions about the life and death of brave Americans because she has a headache!? Take some damn tylenol!

And she is going to be our next president!? Is Russia accepting American refugees? At least there they understand that their leaders are they've already done the Socialism thing so you know they won't go back to the mess we are heading straight towards!

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