Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Terrorist Nadal Hassan's judge thrown off case

I saw this story a few days ago and have been stewing over it since then. I wasn't even sure I would write this because it fills me with too much anger to properly express with words.

First off, this Islamic terrorist (just because the White House doesn't call him that doesn't mean the rest of us with a brain won't) has YET to even be properly tried. I mean, his act of terrorism took place in 2009! That's three freakin' years! At this rate, we'll colonize Mars before this trial concludes.

And what is the big holdup? The terrorist's beard.

He's in the Army. The Army doesn't allow beards. He's not allowed to have a beard because he's in the Army.

It's a 2+2=4 thing...and yet, it's caused a delay that makes air travel look speedy by comparison.

He didn't have a problem shaving every day for his entire Army career, yet now he's thrown away his razor in order to be a good Muslim. So was he a bad Muslim for his entire life until now? Was murdering innocent people the event that made him into a good Muslim?

And now the judge who ordered him to shave or be shaved (rightfully so) has been thrown off the case, and the entire beard issue will be brought up again...whenever it is the Army appoints a new judge to the case. All the while our taxpayer dollars go to this farce. But I guess when a terrorist attack is labeled as "workplace violence" by our government leaders, it only makes sense to expect the whole thing to be a clown show.

Full story here.

But at least, as Craig Andresen points out at The National Patriot, the Army just confirmed that it is ok to display religious symbols on government property. Just in time to put up those Christmas displays!

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