Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crying Racism

When I was a kid, racism was a word that was rarely thrown around lightly. It had a serious meaning and was considered a serious topic. The election of the first black president was supposed to be another sign that racism was a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the first black president is a Marxist who's goal is to destroy the middle class. Race warfare is just another side of class warfare. The goal is to divide and conquer, and the Communists in D.C. are using any means necessary to do just that.

And so, racism has suddenly become the hot word. In 3 days, I've seen the words urban, Chicago, and incompetent now all mean racism, apparently. Susan Rice is only being questioned because she's black. And if you like the white meat of the turkey, you're a racist. It's as if all of the jokes made about racism have now become serious. Like when I'd be at Subway and ordered my sub on white bread and my black friend would say, "You racist!" and then we'd laugh about it. Now, people would actually consider me a racist for ordering white bread! I mean, seriously!?

Personally, I think that racism is one of the stupidest things on Earth. Judging a person based purely on a physical characteristic that they have no control over is absolutely moronic. Like the Irish guy in Gettysburg says, "Anyone who judges a people as a whole is a peewit. Men are each unique and you have to take 'em all one at a time." I couldn't have said it better!

However, now the people that are yelling "racist!" at every turn are doing the exact same thing. I just saw that Ken Burns recently said that the Tea Party and secessionists are racists. Has he sat down with every Tea Party member and secessionist? If not, than he is doing exactly what racists do. Judging a person you don't know based on one thing...hmm, that sounds like RACISM doesn't it?? And every TV personality, pundit, actor, or anyone else who is declaring this or that as a sign of racism is acting just as ignorantly as actual racists. And they are spreading just as much ignorance as actual racists do.

Now don't get me wrong, racism is a real thing. Minorities, especially blacks, have been discriminated against in the past and it's important to remember that in order to make sure that it never happens again. I have no problem with someone bringing up the idea that racism may have a part in something, so that it can be determined whether or not it actually does. But what I do have a problem with is the declaration that someone is a racist based simply on one thing or another. At this point, I don't even take the word seriously anymore. There was a time when, if called a racist, I would vehemently disagree and then state my facts. Now, I just accept it....much like I would accept someone calling me a hater of pickles. I enjoy pickles, but it's not such an important issue as to argue about. I'll just keep eating my pickles whilst you go on about how I hate pickles. The cry of racism has suddenly entered the same realm of importance as eating pickles. (Which is a sad state of society indeed!) So you go ahead and call me racist because I don't like Barack Obama's Marxist policies, support the Tea Party and idea of succession, and eat white meat at Thanksgiving...and I'll just keep on hanging out with my friends of a "minority race." Who, by the way, I judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin...just like I do everyone.

Crying racism for everything is only going to end up like the boy who cried wolf...someday an actual racist is going to discriminate against a "minority" and no one is going to pay attention because the cry of racism is already getting old. So in essence, all these people crying racism for everything are doing is helping out the actual racists. Remember that for the next time someone calls you a racist for a completely inane reason, and enlighten them on how they are acting like, and helping, racists!


  1. I am gonna go have a Turkey breast sandwich on white bread, with white mayo, white onions, white AMERICAN, Sharp Cheddar cheese, WHITE horseradish sauce, and thinly sliced apples that look almost WHITE.

    If I am a racist, I suggest you get over it!

    Care to join me Alceste? Heh!

  2. Sounds good! Except for the onions...I don't like onions.
    Although I also like black tea and strawberry ice cream...so what does that make me??