Friday, November 30, 2012

The Alliance Starbird - A Symbol for America's Future

I decided the other day that I should add a profile picture here. Due to the nature of the blog, I wanted something symbolic, rather than a picture of myself or something random that I liked. There were so many options, it was hard to choose just the right one. But a few days ago, I found it. The Alliance Starbird.

Most will probably recognize it as the insignia of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars. And many will probably think that it's just a symbol from a movie. While I have no problem with people realizing that I'm a Star Wars fan, I want people to know the deeper meaning of that symbol, and why I think it's perfect for this blog and the future of America.

For one, the full name of the rebel alliance was the Alliance to Restore the Republic. You see, the story of Star Wars is the story of the Fall of the Republic. In it, a duplicitous and corrupt senator manipulates his way into becoming the Supreme Chancellor...our equivalent to the president. He then proceeds to amass more power in himself over the course of the next few years, wresting it away from the Senate. Sound familiar? In America today, Barack Obama (another duplicitous and corrupt senator) has manipulated his way into becoming president. Over the past few years he has ceded more power in the presidency than at any time in American history, bypassing Congress any way he can.

In Star Wars, the Chancellor (Palpatine) is an extremely popular figure, throughout the Senate as well as the populace. His attempts at gaining more power are all done in the name of the security and well being of the people, and only a small group fear that it will be bad for the Republic, and freedom. Most cheer him on as a hero as he continues to amass more power in an attempt to more smoothly run the government. Again, sound familiar? No politician has been as revered in America as has Barack Obama. He is even considered to be a savior to some, a man extremely popular in both the Congress and the country. All the while he continues to gain more and more power, and it seems only a few are worried about the consequences of having such power in one branch of the government.

In Star Wars, the Chancellor Palpatine feigns an assassination attempt in an effort to destroy his enemies and those standing in his way to absolute power (namely the Jedi). He declares himself Emperor, and plunges the galaxy into darkness. For the next 20 years, he rules with an Iron Fist. He arrests, tortures, and kills any detractors. He uses fear and coercion to keep the people in line. Originally keeping the Senate in a purely symbolic fashion, he eventually abolishes it and gives direct control to his hand picked "czars." His reign is called the dark times. Now I don't believe that Obama will declare himself Emperor, but he is definitely paving the way for someone to do so in the future. His policies, endless Executive Orders, and the way he is revered without question or thought are all paths towards tyranny. Anyone with a mediocre knowledge of history can tell you that. The eminent collapse of the American Republic can only lead into dark times for our country. The government will only continue to become more intrusive and controlling until America becomes a totalitarian state where freedom is limited and liberty is rare. Socialism knows no other way.

In the world of Star Wars, a group of freedom fighters emerged out of the despotic reign of the new Emperor. They became the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Their goal was to overthrow the Emperor and set up a new republic that would once again restore freedom to the galaxy. As their symbol, they chose the Starbird. It represented a phoenix, the mythical creature who would rise from the ashes. The Starbird symbolized freedom and justice. But most importantly, it symbolized hope. The hope that they would be victorious in their battle against the Evil Emperor and that a new Republic would rise out of the ashes of the defeated Empire. In America today, we are witnessing the last days of the Republic. Much like in Star Wars, an evil and corrupt faction has gained control of the government, and it isn't too far fetched to believe the outcome will be the same as in Star Wars. Our Democratic Republic is quickly becoming a Socialist Republic, and Socialism, as history bears out, only leads to totalitarianism. It stamps out individual freedoms and seeks to eliminate any rights except those it grants.

I do believe America is headed into the dark times. A time when freedom as we know it will be eliminated. Our corrupt government will eventually crack down on the people in a physical and violent way, as all totalitarian systems do. During these times, we need people who will fight to restore not just the Republic, but the ideas that the Republic stood for. We will need hope that freedom can be restored. I'm hoping it can be done so without a physical rebellion, but only time will tell. Perhaps I'm just a Star Wars nerd, but to me the Alliance Starbird is the perfect representation of what the American future will need. I will fight to restore the Republic. It might seem cheesy, but that is why I think the Starbird is perfect for this blog and for the future of America.

"We need a flag to rally behind. A symbol. A symbol of hope." - Leia Organa


  1. Sweet, star wars fan myself, love the Starbird. You know that the Starbird is the star wars equivalent of a Phoenix, and that representation of the Starbird (the one that the Rebel Alliance used was the "Phoenix" rising out of the ashes. Always liked the phoenix, an I always liked star wars, Double plus.

  2. You overestimate our Supreme Leader...

    On the surface there are similarities to Palpatine's journeyman path from Senator to Emperor, but was Bush any different? Or Clinton? Or Reagan? Or Nixon? Or Johnson? Or FDR? Or Wilson? Or Lincoln?

    The erosion of American freedoms has been ongoing for over a century, and in my opinion the real turning point signaling America's demise will unequivocally go down in history as being the reign of Supreme Leader George W. Bush. 9/11 changed our way of life and saw the aggressive destruction of civil liberties that Obama is only continuing. But even Bush isn't the first to start it....

    When Obama leaves office do you believe his successor will be any better? Are there any examples in world history where freedoms lost are ever regained without first suffering total collapse or revolution?

    I say this as an anarchist who believes restoring the Republic will only delay the re-emergence of another tyranny which will lead to another revolution and then another re-emergence of tyranny and on and on.... Such is the nature of the reptilian entity called the State that has a sanctioned monopoly on power, no matter how limited the power is at the start...

    World history is pointing to anarchy as the solution - we came close with the minarchist government that lasted for a few years starting in 1776, but what we learned is with even a limited government it's not a matter of if but when tyranny will rear it's god-forsaken Medusa-head of horror...

  3. The last commenter was right. Seems like maybe you were mistaken all along and sided with people laboring under a false flag.

    Now we have an authoritarian emperor who desires nothing but obedience, uniformity and power for a ruling elite exerted through a massive military machine. All dissent is to be ruthlessly stamped out and punished. It's pretty damned clear who that is in the Star Wars universe.

    Don't let the hate flow through you, turn away from the dark side.
    It's never too late to join forces with the true rebel alliance. We're the ones who seek unity, equity in power and cherish diversity.

  4. And now, Trump. Bet you thought this was insightful at the time.