Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama's 2nd term goals: Crush the Middle Class, Republicans

Apparently President Obama gave a press conference today. I don't know, I didn't watch it and I won't watch another television appearance of his again since I already know his plans and that he's just lying most of the time anyway. But in reading about the conference, I see that my predictions regarding his 2nd term plan is starting to take shape. I went over it a little in my last few posts, but I didn't clearly explain it. So I'll do it here.

In this term you will see Obama do two things for sure. One, he will continue to wage war on the bourgeoisie. That is the majority of business owners and middle class. In Marxist terms, the bourgeoisie are the middle class business owners...the petit bourgeoisie are the working middle class. The middle class are seen as evil in Marxism because they own the majority of the businesses and make more money than the general mass of poor workers, the proletariat. And so they need to be crushed. This will be attempted by raising taxes and increasing regulations. So while President Obama says he will help the middle class, his actual goal is to stamp them back down into the proletariat. That's why businesses are being suffocated by taxes and regulations and why unemployment will increase. By crushing the middle class, they will become a part of the proletariat and join the socialist cause, since they will have no other option for surviving. Marxism 101.
It's why, while publicly declaring that we need to tax the rich in order to save the middle class, he has doubled his tax revenue offer to the Republicans in Congress from $800 billion to 1.6 trillion...all but assuring we do indeed go over the fiscal cliff. That IS what he wants.

The second thing he will do this term is inherently connected to that last statement. He will blame the Republicans in Congress...heck, in the whole country, but in Congress particularly...for all the troubles America will soon face. Once we go over the fiscal cliff and Obamacare is fully integrated, as taxes rise on all and more and more people are unable to keep and find work, Americans will be mighty unhappy. But Obama has seen in the last election that people are stupid and willing to believe whatever they hear from the media as true, so he will use their troubles to try to get rid of his enemies across the aisle. The Republican Party is squarely is his crosshairs. Already the media are saying that the Republican Party is dying off because they are old, rich, white men who want to take away womens' right to vote and re-institute slavery. The state media (because let's not be foolish, the big networks ARE now the state run media) will follow their master's lead and continue to lay all the problems of America at the feet of Republicans. He'll say we went over the fiscal cliff because they protected the rich at the expense of the middle class. Even though, as I stated above, it's his plan all along to take America over that cliff in order to hurt the middle class, the media will regurgitate that lie to the people. He'll say that Republicans are stonewalling any efforts in Congress to provide relief for the middle class...even though he will in fact be circumventing Congress with Executive Orders. The media will repeat the lie as will the Obama zombies. As businesses are forced to close and families all across America are forced to cut back, Obama will blame it all on the Republicans. He will...the media will...and the idiots will. Instead of blaming Bush for the next four years, Obama will instead continue to blame each and every problem on the Republican Party. He will seek to make that Party so toxic that America will never trust them again...thus insuring the continued, unmitigated reign of his Socialist-Democratic Party. Today's press conference was only the beginning of this plan.

And while he may (and probably will) do much more during his 2nd term, the two goals he will definitely try to achieve will be to destroy the middle class, and destroy the Republican Party. He's doing a masterful job of it so far...aided by the subjective media, of course...and you can only expect it to continue. Watch for it. At this point, it's all but a guarantee.

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