Friday, November 16, 2012

The new Cheka hard at work discrediting McCain

Earlier I wrote about the new Cheka and how their goal is the same as the original Cheka in Soviet Russia: silence the opposition. As I wrote, the new Cheka isn't a secret police force; instead it is the people themselves who have been indoctrinated with leftist/Marxist drivel since 6th grade. Well no group in America embodies the new Cheka quite as well as the media...who, over generations, have been bred to repeat leftist ideas instead of critically thinking up any of their own.

Today, the media Cheka are hard at work trying to silence anyone pointing a finger at President Obama or his woefully inept administration concerning the Benghazi massacre. The new object of their ire: Senator John McCain. McCain, already hated by the left for being a war hero (to them there is no such thing as a war hero; anyone involved in war is inherently evil), is now being viciously and repeatedly attacked by the talking heads in the media for questioning Susan Rice's involvement in the incident, her response to it (which turned out to be straight lies), and her part played in trying to obfuscate the facts. Rice, who may be in line to become the new Secretary of State once Hillary retires to focus on her presidential campaign, was the one who took her message of deceit to five morning talk shows 5 days after the Benghazi massacre. You'll remember, she said it was all caused by a protest gone wrong and that there was no proof that it was a premeditated attack.

Well now, Senator McCain, along with Sens. Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, has said that he will filibuster Rice's nomination as Secretary of State until the Benghazi incident has been fully investigated in public hearings. McCain is calling for Watergate-style hearings into the White House's handling of the incident, including the decrease in security leading up to the attack and the lie about it all being a protest that was spread for two weeks after the attack (before they all agreed that it was indeed terrorism, and that is what they had said all along!).

This incursion into the Marxist regime plan has not been taken lightly by the new Cheka, and the media has responded in scathing, and somewhat predictable, fashion. They are now painting McCain as an Ahab-type figure, who, consumed with his loss to Obama in the 2008 election, is now taking any chance to try and "get back" at Obama. They are saying that his criticism of Susan Rice, as well as the whole Benghazi incident, is simply because he is a sore loser that just won't accept that he lost. Now I am not a huge fan of McCain, but this attack, being repeated at all levels of the media, is completely disingenuous and disgusting. (Not that I should expect different from the "state media.") First off, the Benghazi massacre is not just some "bump in the road," as Obama put it. It's a major, historical event. The death of an ambassador is nothing to sneeze at, and the idea that the death of 4 Americans is not really important is of such anathema to me that I feel that anyone making that case needs a good punch in the nose! I know in America today we are more concerned with who got voted off of Dancing with the Stars than anything that is happening in other parts of the world...and also that life is cheaper than once believed...and that if it doesn't affect me I shouldn't care. I do believe that is what is wrong with America today. A lot of people need punching in the nose!

But to attack John McCain as a sore loser 4 freaking years after he lost seems like a bit of a desperate measure! However, I do know that the American public will eat it up, as anything said on TV is taken as truth by most people who can't be bothered to come up with their own thoughts. This is why the new Cheka is winning in reshaping America into a socialist paradise, and why more and more Americans are becoming a part of the new Cheka. And as mentioned in my last post, this attack on a Republican is all part of the plan. The media are complicit in this plan, and this story is just one example of it. McCain, as well as other Republicans who continue to make trouble for the new Socialist Regime in Washington, will be phased out of the American consciousness over the next 4 years by a lying and traitorous media complex.

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