Wednesday, November 7, 2012

National Suicide or a Call to Arms?

Great article by Craig Andresen over at The National Patriot.


Who would have guessed that Americans would enjoy free birth control pills, punishing success, food stamps, welfare, reduced freedoms, a weak national defense, appeasement of Islamists, high unemployment, a staggering and growing national debt, borrowing money from China, jacking up taxes, government control of your healthcare decisions and killing their unborn children to this degree?

Who would have guessed that the American people would just keep digging from the bottom of a mine shaft to nowhere?

What’s the matter America?

Gas prices not high enough yet?

Your share of the national debt hasn’t hit 4 times your annual salary?

The dollar hasn’t been devalued far enough yet to suit you?

Not enough Constitution hating legislators on the Supreme Court yet?

What is it for Christ’s sake???

What’s it gonna take to wake up more than just die-hard engaged conservatives???

The Arab Spring Parade down Main Street of YOUR town?

I mean…Detroit is a rat hole and Dearbornistan is being run by the Muslim Brotherhood and yet, Michigan still votes for socialists.

On the East Coast…New York and New Jersey…people are homeless and those who still have a home don’t have electricity, don’t have heat, can’t buy gas, garbage and debris is everywhere and non union workers are chased out of town but, THEY still vote for MORE government.

The SAME “more government” who isn’t doing a damned thing to help them.

Hey…Jersey…Staten Island…Not thirsty enough yet???

Maybe we just don’t have enough Americans getting killed by terrorists on the other side of the world because the very people who should be protecting them AREN’T and they’re telling those who COULD have to “STAND DOWN!!”

Conservatives have had quite enough thank you very much but…

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