Friday, November 2, 2012

"Voter fraud doesn't happen here!"

Or so the left-wing media wants you to believe. Yet, already in the past few weeks we've had more stories that stir up the debate than I can shake a stick at. And you know I can shake a lot of sticks!

The first story that caught my attention was about fraudulent letters sent to Florida Republicans in 18 different counties. The letters "inform" the recipients that there is a problem with their voting registration and they are therefore ineligible to vote. The letters appear to come from the office of the Florida elections supervisor, but were actually sent from Washington state. The absence of a return address was a red flag to some recipients who alerted the authorities. The FBI is now investigating.
While this is not linked to any official group, it is a clear attempt to deceive people...Republicans...into not voting.

The second story was about voting machines recording votes for Barack Obama when the voter actually chose Mitt Romney's name. In North Carolina, at the Bur-Mil Park polling location in Guilford County, Sher Coromalis was just one voter who encountered this problem. She chose Romney; it entered a vote for Obama. She tried again; again it entered a vote for Obama. Finally on the third try, it correctly entered the vote for Romney. For those counting at home: that's two votes for Obama, one for Romney. Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert told MyFox8 that such problems arise every election and can be resolved after machines are re-calibrated. "It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” Gilbert said. While I do believe bugs like this will happen from time to time with voting machines, it's pretty interesting all the "errors" work in the Democrat's favor. Similar stories are coming out of Nevada and Ohio as well.

Also in North Carolina, Democrats have been caught violating state laws in order to get more votes for Obama. Two vans of students who worked at the North Carolina Job Corps were transported to the Swain County voting location in order to cast their votes. The problem was that the vans were Swain County Transit Vehicles, which are funded by the federal government. The Hatch Act states that federal employees "may not engage in political activity while using a government vehicle." Not a major violation, but breaking a law nonetheless. Not to mention the numerous reports about possible illegals being bused to polling stations across the country...

North Carolina (aside from having a lot of fraud) also has a lot of old people casting their votes. And I mean OLD people. NC voter rolls show that the Tar Heel State has 2,214 voters that are OVER 110 years old. That is A LOT of old people! Shockingly (not), most of these voters are Democrats. The Carolina Transparency project did a review of voter rolls this year and have found that there are 631 registered Democrats that are 112 and older! Some have already voted. Also two people OVER 150 (YES, 150!!!) have already cast their ballots! One in Gaston County is registered as 154 years old while one in Granville County is listed as an astonishing 160 years old! To give an idea of the magnitude of that, the oldest recorded age is 122 and the oldest disputed age is 138! We better get Guinness to North Carolina fast...they've got TWO Democrats who beat that by a long shot!
Officials say that isn't necessarily evidence of fraud, and that it may just be evidence of poor information gathering. Um, ok...if you say so.

The most damning evidence, however, comes out of Virginia from Congressman Jim Moran's son, Patrick. Patrick Moran headed up his father's campaign. Past tense. Not too long ago, Project Veritas (the group that helped bust ACORN by documenting their attempts at fraud) secretly recorded video of Patrick Moran telling the undercover reporter how to get away with casting multiple votes under different names. He told the reporter to fake utility bills and to make sure the people who's names they were planning to vote under were definitely not going to vote by contacting them pretending to be pollsters. The worst part of this is the ease with which Moran offers this advice. There's no reticence, no seems like this is just another day at the office for Mr. Moran. That attitude leads me to believe voter fraud is not only going on...but that it's become no big deal for some politicians. And if that's their attitude, then how can you deny this isn't a normal occurrence? Patrick Moran has since resigned from his father's campaign, which released a statement saying Patrick's actions were "an error in judgement." He said he was only joking. Isn't it nice to be a politician (or politician's son in this case)? You can get caught directly trying to orchestrate a felony, and then simply claim it was a joke and an "error in judgement" and get away scot free!

Some of these stories will turn out to be just coincidences...others, not so much. What is true, though, is that we as a nation can (and should) no longer dismiss stories of voter fraud as pure mularky, as Joe Biden would put it. If we, as America, begin to enact the same kind of dubious voting processes as Russia or Venezuela...then our Republic is all but over. And if we fail to protect the integrity of the voting process, that's exactly what's going to happen....if it isn't already. So next time someone tells you that voter fraud doesn't happen here, channel your inner Joe and tell 'em: "That's mularky!"

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