Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obamacare: A Line in the Sand

Well today's the day. The polls here on the East Coast just opened. Today, hundreds of local and state races will be decided, to go along with the presidential and Congressional races. But how can one decide on two seemingly similar candidates? Well this year offers an unusually simple way to help decide if a candidate is for bigger government control or less: Obamacare. What a candidate says really doesn't matter at this time of year, because what they say may not be a good indicator of what they will do if elected. (See Obama 2008; debt reduction) However Obamacare is a main topic this year...and it offers a nice line in the sand. If you support Obamacare, you probably support a bigger government controlling individuals lives; if you oppose it, you probably think people should have more control over their life than the government does.

In a time when it can be hard to determine what candidate represents you best...that choice offers a window into the soul, so to speak. I've noticed here in Pennsylvania that every candidate up for election has made a distinction which side of that decision they stand on, from candidates for U.S. Senate right down to state attorney general. In a busy and complicated season, it sure makes voting decisions a lot easier. That alone doesn't constitute how an official will behave if elected...but it's a clear line on which way they will lean. So if you plan on voting today, make sure to find out what a candidate thinks about Obamacare...it may be all you need to know about who wants the government to run your life and who doesn't!

Where I live in PA:

U.S. Senate: Tom Smith opposes Obamacare / Bob Casey helped get it passed

U.S. House of Representatives 11th District: Lou Barletta opposes Obamacare / Gene Stilip supports it

State Senate 15th District: John McNally opposes Obamacare / Rob Teplitz supports it

State Attorney General: David Freed opposes Obamacare / Kathleen Kane supports it (and says she'll remove PA from the lawsuit against the federal government concerning it)

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