Friday, November 30, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff - Get Your Parachutes Ready

The Fiscal Cliff is all that is being talked about. The cliff is coming up...can we avoid it...will our leaders agree to avert disaster....who's to blame??

Let me make it clear. We WILL go over the so-called Fiscal Cliff. It's all part of our dear leader's plan. I've said this before but since it's such a hot topic it bears repeating. Barack Obama is a Marxist. He believes in Socialism and will do what he can to guide America into a Socialist nation. In Marxist philosophy, the Middle Class is evil. Well all classes are evil, but you need to destroy Capitalism like a pyramid. You take out one level at a time.

The next level is the Middle Class. Is there any wonder why then that policies such as Obamacare hurt the Middle Class? That is what Obama wants.

Now he came up with this Fiscal Cliff plan. Originally intended to be so destructive that it would force the two sides to compromise, Barack Obama has made compromise all but impossible. The news today is that his plan is laughable in it's ridiculousness. It's meant to be. Obama doesn't want a compromise. He wants to drive us all over the cliff in order to drive us closer to Socialism.

He has made his deal so one-sided that Republicans will never agree to it. Charles Krauthammer said Robert E. Lee was offered better terms at Appomattox. (If you don't know what that is, go to the penelty box and feel shame. And read a history book while in there.) If, by some combination of guilt and fear for their political future the Republicans agree to his terms, they will be agreeing to a plan designed to only increase Socialism even more. Either way, the road we're on leads to Socialism at the direction of Barack Hussein Obama.

And it's really a win-win for B.O. He gets to push America off the cliff, smashing the Middle Class, and he gets to blame it on his opposition. Once America starts to feel the pain, they will look for someone to blame. And B.O. can say with a smile, "Hey, I had a plan that would save you. It was the evil Republicans who don't care about you. I wanted to save you. They only cared about the rich." And America will explode in anti-Republican sentiment that will only hasten the Democrat-Socialist takeover.

And once the Middle Class has been destroyed, pushed back down into the Lower Class (that's Socialism's goal-one class; and history shows that class is poor), the Democrat-Socialist règime will set it's sights on the next level of the Capitalist Pyramid, determined to destroy all classes in America. That won't happen for a few years though. For the next few years, they will focus on crushing the Middle Class in which most of American's reside. We will go over the Fiscal Cliff. Get your parachutes ready.

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