Thursday, October 11, 2012

Al-quada is not just an organization, it's an idea

As the Obama Administration continues to tout the death of Osama bin Laden as their major foreign policy victory and a sign that the victory over al-quada is almost complete, terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists are on the rise throughout the world. Al-quada is seemingly growing, in both numbers and scope of attacks. The attacks in Libya, continued attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, and today even in Yemen are telling a different story than what the president is saying on the campaign trail. As mentioned in the last post, it's one of the reasons why I believe the false story of the Libya attacks being a protest about an anti-Islam movie were spread by the Administration for so long. It just doesn't fit their narrative.

This post was originally intended to be apart of the last one, but the amount of attacks was too long to add to that one. The first attack I wanted to talk about is one that's been spread around for the last few days...the shooting of a 14 year old girl in Pakistan by Taliban forces. If you haven't heard, 14 year old Malala Yousufzai survived surgery to remove a bullet from her head and neck after Taliban fighters came onto her school bus and shot her (along with two other girls who just happened to be nearby; happily all survived). Why? Because she had dared to speak out against the Taliban's real war on women, forcing girls to stay out of school. Malala had dared to speak out in an effort to alert the world to the barbaric and insane treatment of women and girls by the Taliban who have taken control of certain parts of Pakistan. The Pakistani government has recently begun to fight back against such Taliban control for the first time in 11 years, since they've taken control of certain mountainous regions of Pakistan after they were pushed out of Afghanistan by U.S. forces. Pakistan has effectively allowed the Taliban to take and keep control of these regions, fearing to even send their army in because of the strong support by the tribes living in the area. Now that Pakistan has begun sending troops into these areas, the people who had been living under Taliban control are speaking out. Malala is one such person. She is opposed to the war on women enforced by the Taliban and other such Islamic extremists. She spoke out against it. She lobbied for girls to be allowed to go to school. And so she was marked as an infidel and shot by Taliban thugs. She was described as "too secular" and that if she survived this attack they will attack her again. This attack will hopefully wake Pakistan up to how dangerous the Taliban and such ilk are...although in a country where an official offered money for the death of a guy in America who made that anti-Islamic film that may be too much to hope for.
Full story on Malala's attack here.

The secularism of Islamic countries is in a battle with Islamic extremism. With many Arab countries becoming free from dictators, Islamic extremists are seizing the opportunity to push their own agendas and are using the opportunity to grow their numbers. Egypt has already been taken over by The Muslim Brotherhood, a known affiliate of hardline Islamofascists. Security forces in Libya have confirmed that al-quada is growing. The same is said in Iraq. Islamic extremists may not all go by the name al-quada, but they all work towards the same goal. By whatever name, Islamic terrorists are NOT dying off and going away. We were told for years that these groups do not work like other terrorist organizations: you can't cut the head off the snake and watch the group shrivel! Now, we're being told that because Osama bin Laden is dead that al-quada is almost dead and that the world is a safer place. We're being told that the Taliban are becoming more moderate. Malala Yousufzai would disagree.

Al-quada is not dead because al-quada is not just one is an idea carried by MANY organizations and people throughout the entire world! That Islam must become the worldwide religion, that sharia law must be instituted worldwide, and that all opposed to it must die. Like Malala. You can mince words and call it by different names...but you can't erase the facts that Islamic extremism is growing.
Just today in Yemen, a top security official was killed in an apparent assassination by al-quada. Qassem Aqlani, who worked at the U.S. embassy in Yemen, was killed in a drive by shooting incident that has become a trademark of al-quada in the recent months. (A friend of mine actually had a friend of his, who was working as a Christian missionary in Yemen, killed in the same way not too long ago.) Al-quada has been increasing in strength in Yemen and has begun such attacks in response to joint U.S./Yemen military action against them. So even modern Middle Eastern countries that we count as allies are seeing an increase in terrorist activity attributed to none other than al-quada.

Just a few days ago, the news came out that a man was crucified...that's right, al-quada in Yemen because he was labeled as a spy working with the United States. We rarely hear of these events. We are being led to believe that because bin Laden is dead that Islamic terrorism is following close behind. We're being led to believe that al-quada and other such groups are all but obliterated by a president running for re-election. His campaign of victory and security is nothing but a campaign of misinformation. And if we fall for it, our children will pay the price. Bin Laden may be dead and GM may be alive...but Islamic extremism/terrorism is very much alive and far more well than we are being led to believe.

Full story on security official's assassinationhere and crucifixion of alleged spyhere.

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