Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama pledges military cuts "will not happen"

It's his way or no way.

Last night during the third and last (thank God!) presidential debate, President Obama made a few interesting remarks. The one that stood out to me was about the upcoming sequestration cuts to our military. The cuts, which will shrink our Army to the smallest it's been since before World War 2, our Navy to the smallest it's been since 1916, and our Air Force to the smallest it's ever been, are set to go into effect next year. However, when Mitt Romney brought this up, President Obama responded by saying that those "cuts will not happen."

That statement may have just been the most important one of the debate, although it was paid little attention. These cuts, that Obama's own defense officials have said would be "devastating" are set to go into effect because of President Obama. The cuts have already been signed into law by President Obama on August 2, 2011! This means that unless Congress passes a new law before January 2, the cuts WILL go into effect. They cannot be ignored and they cannot simply "not happen." They WILL happen.

The only way to prevent them is if Congress and Obama agree to a new budget. However, President Obama himself has said that he will veto any law that "doesn't replace sequestration with alternative deficit reduction." Simply put, Obama has said that he will veto any budget unless it includes higher taxes on the wealthy. Basically he's saying that unless you do it his way...you won't do it at all.

Reading about sequestration, I've found that the cuts are so severe because they are intended to spur Congress into passing a bill. So sequestration is really, really bad. It's supposed to cost over a million jobs as well as gutting the military. But it was designed to never actually happen. It was designed to be so bad that no one would ever let it happen. And now President Obama has threatened to let it happen unless you do what he wants. I don't know if he truly believes the Republicans in Congress will bow to his will or if was just lying about the cuts "not happening." But I do know that those are the only two options. And neither is good for America. The petulant child-President is forcing Congress to do what he wants, or he'll take all the toys away. Only in this analogy, the "toys" are the United States Military. And without a strong military, what will the U.S. become? President Obama is taking us into a dark place. And he's lying about it the whole way.

Breitbart.com has the full story here.

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