Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama wanted Bin Laden put on trial

In his new book, The Finish-The Killing of Osama bin Laden, author Mark Bowden (fantastic author of Black Hawk Down) reveals that President Barack Obama would have liked to put bin Laden on trial here in America if captured.

He quotes the president as saying, "But, frankly, my belief was if we had captured him, that I would be in a pretty strong position, politically, here, to argue that displaying due process and rule of law would be our best weapon against al-Qaeda, in preventing him from appearing as a martyr.”

Now as idiotic as that idea is, I've seen multiple comments today supporting it and agreeing with it. I'm not sure if that's sad or stupid. Both, I guess.

For those who believe that would be a good idea, let's think through it, just for argument's sake.
Bin Laden would be captured and brought into the United States to stand trial. Taxpayer money would have been used to pay for his meals, his clothes, his toiletries, his Koran, not to mention the trial itself. Since the moronic ACLU would argue that as a Muslim he needs to attend Friday services, he would get to join other Muslim inmates in a hate-fest where he would be seen as a hero and a saint. And since a lot of Muslim "chaplains" preach the same message of hatred towards America (trust me I know) he would probably be the special guest speaker. He would most likely be represented by the ACLU who fails to realize the A in ACLU stands for American. The trial itself would last a few weeks as the need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt would be necessary. During those weeks, it would be the biggest story in the country...probably the world. Every news outlet would be covering it and bin Laden would get prime-time coverage to convey his message of hate. The image of him being paraded into the courtroom each day would be broadcast throughout the world and be seen by Muslims as a degradation and an insult. You think there's a lot of violence over a two-bit movie? The Middle East, as well as every other country with a high Muslim population would explode in an atomic bomb of violence towards anything or anyone even seen as remotely related to America. More than a few embassies would burn.
Here in America, the terrorists that are biding their time (as well as any sympathizer that had as of yet no reason to engage in violence) would converge on the site of the trial in an attempt to free bin Laden as well as to inflict damage for the insult. Riots, terrorist attacks, and individual acts of violence would erupt throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the men, women, and children who had relatives killed on 9/11 or in the resulting war in Afghanistan would be forced to relive the worst moment of their lives as it would be continual brought up again and again. And all the while, bin Laden would sit there with a smile of victory...because he would know that the only options would be to sentence him to death, (in which case he would soak up taxpayer dollars for the next couple of years as his appeal was heard) and then his death would be considered unjust and he would be turned into a martyr anyway...or to sentence him to life in prison. In which case he would soak up taxpayer dollars for the rest of his life as he lived more comfortably than he ever did in some dirty cave. He would probably get a few book deals with which he could invite Muslims around the world to take up the sword of Jihad. He'd also get prime interview time with which he could spew the same message. And wherever he was held would be a main target for terrorist attacks all the rest of his days. His "illegal" detention would be a rallying cry to Muslim extremists for the rest of time, just as his execution would be. No matter what, he would be seen as a just and holy martyr being persecuted by the evil and dictatorial United States, and it would be just another example of the horrible insults that the Western World inflicts upon Islam. Only this time, our money would pay for it, the uproar would last longer as he would be in the public eye longer, and he would live more comfortably.

Yeah...that would've been a great plan. (Morons!)

At least the Navy Seals are smarter than our elected officials. Thank God for the Navy Seals!

Also ironic is how the man who says putting terrorists on trial as an example of how much better we are than them orders the deaths of terrorists by drone attacks nearly every day. Actions speak louder than words. Unless you're a liberal zombie, in which case that only applies to Bush.

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