Thursday, October 11, 2012

Al-Quada on it's heels? The facts would disagree.

My day yesterday was consumed with the Congressional Hearing about the Libya attacks. Hopefully the first of many such hearings because it really only raised more questions than answers. The representatives from the State Department stonewalled many of the questions under grounds that they either didn't have access to such information or that they weren't allowed to talk about things that are classified. A classified hearing is apparently in the works. From what I saw of the hearing, someone needs to be fired...maybe Hillary Clinton. And the big question remaining is who decided to publicize the idea that it was all about a protest gone wrong instead of a concerted terrorist attack, and why did they do that? That question is really the most important one and it needs answers. Until then, all we have is speculation.

One of those speculations is that the Obama Administration did not want to admit it was a terrorist attack because President Obama's main campaign push is that under his watch Osama bin Laden has been killed and terrorism has been all but destroyed. That's what he's touting as his number one foreign policy achievement...and the attack in Benghazi burst that bubble. Lara Logan's reporting has also destroyed that fantasy. Logan is a fantastic reporter working for CBS who has gone to dangerous places in an attempt to get the real stories. She was sexually assaulted and beaten by a crowd of angry Muslim men in Tahrir Square in Egypt while she was covering the so called "Arab Spring." Her courage and resolve goes beyond words. And Sunday, she put into words her account of al-quada, the Taliban, the war in Afghanistan, and Islamic terrorism in a report aired on 60 Minutes. She also spoke about her findings at a dinner the other day. She minced no words, she spoke honestly and clearly, she expressed dismay at the narrative being spun by the politicians in Washington, and she opened up a can of worms that people, up to and including President Obama, have been trying to keep a lid on. Basically, she said al-quada is not dead, the Taliban are not kinder, and Islamic extremists will not let us live in peace even if we choose to let them live in peace. She explained that we are in a war...and that war is not going to end anytime soon, despite what politicians say or what we decide to do about it. She explained that the attack on Libya is an example of the strength and resolve of Islamic terrorists and that ignoring it or painting it as anything other will not only embolden our enemies, it will cause more attacks, more deaths, and more danger not only to our brave men and women in the military but to every American citizen (and every Western civilization) around the world, including here in America. Bin Laden may be dead, but Islamic extremism is not, terrorism is not, and the war on terror is not. If we choose to ignore this or pretend it doesn't exist or believe the lies told to us by politicians seeking re-election....then we are only inviting death and destruction, not only overseas in foreign countries, but right here in the safety of our own homes in our own land and even to our very own way of life. We cannot choose to fight this war, it is upon us whether we want it or not. And unless we fight it with as much intelligence and resolve as our enemies, then we will lose our children's future of freedom and prosperity. We all need to heed Lara Logan's warning, because it's born out of nothing but the truth.

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