Friday, October 19, 2012

Four dead Americans is "not optimal?"

What a complete jackhole. I really have trouble even putting into words how disgusted this makes me. Whatever shred of respect I've had for President Obama has just gone out the window with those comments.

And some people are saying that he didn't mean the deaths of the Americans was "not optimal" but that he meant the response was not optimal. I don't think that makes these comments much better. Maybe by a little...but saying the response to 4 dead Americans was "not optimal" is still an understatement of epic proportions. It's like saying the Holocaust was bad for the Jews. You would think the president of the United States would be more emotional about 4 dead Americans than just cooly stating it was "not optimal." I expect him to be. And not only that line was offensive. To say that sometimes "something screws up and we're gonna fix it" about a terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans is a completely disgraceful comment. A terrorist attack that kills Americans is not "a screw up." It's a tragic failure. And to describe it as anything less is extremely offensive.

And that's why Barack Hussein Obama should be voted out. The president of the United States should take serious issues more serious...and if Barack Obama won't do that, he doesn't deserve to be president. He doesn't even deserve to be called an American.

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