Monday, October 8, 2012


I just saw an Obama television ad that claims that Mitt Romney is a liar...that he won the debate solely because he lied about everything. Entitled "Dishonest," it continues to push the notion that Romney is lying when he says he won't raise taxes. This seems to be the popular line at the moment, as multiple news outlets and people related to the Obama campaign are all saying the same. David Axelrod, Obama's top campaign adviser, said yesterday on Meet The Press that Romney's statements were "not rooted in facts."

The Obama campaign is intent on pushing the idea that Mitt Romney will cut taxes on the rich and raise them on the poor...a claim that has already been disproven by multiple outlets. As a matter of fact, the Obama campaign actually uses some truth to push that claim; Romney's plan WOULD cut taxes on the rich. As it would for everyone. However most Obama campaign advertisements focus on the first part, then imply the second. So who are the ones actually being dishonest?

For the Obama campaign to call someone else a liar...well that's just funny. They really are trying to prey on people's stupidity. They expect people to believe everything they say and forget all that they've done. If we're going to elect a candidate based on who lies more...well then Obama is in trouble. Some even believe he's a clinical compulsive liar, that he just can't help it. For Obama to call someone else a liar is just ridiculously hilarious.

I guess he forgot about this:

And this is just in two minutes. Imagine the amount of lies he's told in the past four years! The number has to be more than I can imagine...and I can imagine quite a bit!

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