Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who's your daddy, Barack?

Well the first presidential debate is in the books, and it's being hailed as a unanimous victory for Mitt Romney. No, seriously. Even people like Bill Maher and Michael Moore are saying so. Now that's an impression.

All night Barack Obama looked like a scolded 12 year old being caught in a lie by his father. Mitt Romney was tough, clear, and impassioned. Although, I guess it's easy to be so when all the facts are on your side. Barack Obama, on the other hand, looked timid and weak. He looked down most of the night, refusing to make eye contact with Romney while Romney was scolding him. He seemed to address the moderator instead of Romney, and at times, rambled about things completely off topic. At one point, he even told the moderator that he might want to move on to another topic instead of responding to his tax plan, a move Rudy Giuliani said that he'd never seen in all his life. But I guess it's hard when none of the facts are on your side.

As Bill Maher pointed out via Twitter, it looked like President Obama DOES need a teleprompter! Without one, the president stood no match to Romney's factual assault. The highlight of the debate for me was when Romney basically said the president likes to just repeat lies over and over again in hopes that they will be believed. This came after President Obama brought up Romney's "tax plan" to cut $5 trillion worth of taxes to the rich for the THIRD time. Basically it was the same old garbage the Obama campaign has been spewing for the last nine months; that Romney will cut taxes for the rich and raise them on the poor. I've actually read two different "fact checking" articles today that dismissed that claim as a falsehood, saying that the numbers just don't add up. (Yet Obama last night said it was about math. Maybe he needs a new calculator?) Well after President Obama brought it up the first time, Mitt Romney dismissed it as a faslehood. Then President Obama said it again. Again Romney said it wasn't true. And when President Obama brought it up for the third time, Mitt Romney busted out this gem: "Look, I've got five boys, I'm used to people saying things that aren't always true, but just keep on repeating it ultimately hoping I'll believe it." Zing!

With that one statement, Romney smacked down the Obama campaigns' mantra and established himself as the father figure who can't be duped by the petulant child. Without being able to run on ambiguous slogans like "Hope and Change" and having to defend an actual record, Obama looks unsure and out of his element. When facts are presented, he shirks. When statistics are brought up, he deflects. When the sorry state of America is mentioned, he blames. And in one night, Mitt Romney proved that those tactics won't work with him. He will not be flustered by rambling accusations; he will not be confused by unfounded statements, and he will not let the almost childish politics of Barack Obama dictate his stance. In one night he established himself as a cogent and cognizant father-like figure who will not be swayed by the poor politics of President Obama.
And in doing so, this silent declaration was made: "Who's your daddy!?"

Read the full transcript here.

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