Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama campaign breaks law, changes slogan to "Cheat to Win!"

Last week I read about a report that the Obama campaign might possibly be accepting foreign donations via their website...which is illegal. Well now there's proof. Chris Walker, a British citizen, told the New York Post that he was able to make donations to President Obama's re-election campaign. Twice.

Mr. Walker twice was able to donate $5 to the Obama campaign through it's website...while attempts to do the same through Mitt Romney's campaign website were rejected. Walker, who lives outside of London, said he used his actual street address in England (the one on his credit card) but listed Arkansas as the state and the ZIP code for Schenectady, NY: 12345. (Like THAT'S not obvious!) When trying to do the same for Mitt Romney's campaign, Mr. Walker said that his payment was rejected on the grounds that the address he entered didn't match the one on his credit card.

It is illegal to knowingly accept money or donations from foreign citizens. Now the Obama campaign will state that they didn't knowingly accept it and if they knew, they would never have done it. But what happened after Mr. Walker donated the $10 seems to indicate that they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

After Mr. Walker donated that money, he says that he received multiple emails daily asking for more donations. (Not surprising.) What IS shocking is that Mr. Walker says the emails asked for him to make an additional donation of $188. Why is that important? Because all donations over $200 must be reported to the FEC. $188 + his original $10 would equal $198! JUST shy of the $200 threshold at which campaigns need to identity donors to the FEC!!! I'm no rocket scientist...but that's no coincidence! That gives the impression that the campaign knew EXACTLY where the donation came from...and how to get away with it. Those numbers equal slime to me.

In September alone, the Obama campaign took in more than $2 million from donors who provided no ZIP code or incomplete ZIP codes. By comparison, the Romney campaign took in less than $5,000 from donors who didn't provide a complete ZIP code.
To all extensive purposes, it looks like the Obama campaign is knowingly and deliberately breaking the law! Guess they're just emulating their candidate. Wish I could say this will be investigated further...but I doubt it will, especially so close to the election. In lieu of that, I guess we'll just have to spread the word that Obama's campaign slogan has been changed from "Forward" to "Cheat to Win."

The New York Post has the full story here.

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