Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rape! Rape! Rape! (Libya?)

Big news today: Richard Mourdock, an Indiana Republican candidate for Senate, said he thinks God wants women to be raped!

Ok...he didn't actually say that. But that's how it's being reported across the country. What Mr. Mourdock actually said was that he believes every life is a gift from God, even one resulting from a rape is God's will. The story being reported, however, is one of just another Republican who hates women. I actually saw a headline earlier (though I can't remember where) that read, "Republican candidate says rape is part of God's will." I mean...seriously? Is this what passes as news nowadays. Take one white male Republican, add in a religious belief about abortion, spin, stir, and obfuscate, then serve to the public with a dash of feminism. This dude said what most true Christians believe; that life begins at conception and since all life is precious, even a life caused by a horrible thing such as rape, then that life is a precious part of God's will. And that's EXACTLY what Richard Mourdock said. Yet the way it's being reported is absolutely astounding and ridiculous.

While searching for where I saw that headline...because I always like to be accurate about what I say here...I came across another equally astounding and ridiculous headline about rape in the Huffington Post. (I believe that's where the Mourdock headline was as well, but can't find it now so I could be wrong.) As I was scouring the website I noticed the word Pennsylvania, and being a Pennsylvania resident, I took notice. This is the headline:

"Pennsylvania Bill Includes
Provision Requiring Women
To Prove They Were Raped"

That IS a shockingly terrible thing to have to make a woman prove. Then I read the first line of the article:

"A bill in the Pennsylvania House proposing the reduction of welfare benefits for low-income women contains a provision requiring a woman who became pregnant from rape to prove that she reported her assault."

Prove what? Prove that she was raped? NO! Prove that she REPORTED the rape! How can news organizations get away with so twisting things and, in this case, lying outright in the headline!? Is there no such thing as journalistic integrity anymore?? The article goes on to explain that the bill is about cutting or reducing welfare, and that mothers who became pregnant as a result of rape will not be discontinued from receiving welfare. Hence, so someone can't come out and take advantage of that by saying they were raped when they weren't, they have to have proof they reported the rape. Doesn't seem so barbaric and insensible if it's reported correctly does it?

This whole faux outrage over some people's comments about rape and abortion is outrageous. All the more outrageous is that it only seems to be directed towards Republicans! President Obama even used Mourdock's statement as another example of his phony war on women. reported that a Democratic Congressman, Jerry McNerney from California, wrote a novel in which one character explains that men evolved to be able to rape women because it prevents inbreeding. Yet no one, NO ONE, is talking about that. Because he's a Democrat. Hypocrisy bothers me.

You know what else bothers me. The fact that 4 Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Libya and the Obama Administration has been lying about it and covering things up about it...and yet the news is about rape and abortion and the phony war on women. And not just making that the top news stories, but twisting it to make it sound so much more worse than what it actually is....I mean, I know it's not news, but the media has become absolutely pathetic.

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