Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to 1939 Germany

Well last night I saw a terrible sight. Some channel was showing different political ads being used for the presidential race this year. This was among them:

This ad was produced by The Future Children Project. Their description of the video on YouTube says:

"Re-electing President Obama is a momentous decision that will require every single voter.

What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?"

Conveniently, commenting on their video is turned off. Guess they knew it wasn't going to go over so well. Luckily someone else uploaded it and allows comments. They are overwhelmingly negative. My favorite one says, "I remember the last time a political leader used children like this. His name was Adolf."

And this does bear a striking resemblance to the "Hitler Youth" of Nazi Germany. Those children were indoctrinated with anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi views at a young age...counted on to become the "future Aryan supermen" of the new German Empire. One aim of the movement was to instill the motivation necessary to enable them to "fight faithfully for the Third Reich."
I remember during a TV special about the rise of Nazi Germany a part dedicated to the Hitler Youth. These kids would go to a summer camp where they were indoctrinated with Nazi viewpoints and then would be encouraged to "lead" their families into joining the Nazi ideology as well. I'll never forget one story where, after returning from a summer camp, two once well behaved young boys began to fight against their parents because "they were the future" and were told not to let anyone, even their parents, stop them from supporting Hitler. One even pulled a knife on his mother when she expressed anti-Hitler views!

While this video is just an ad...and those children were just singing what they were told and weren't forced in any way to believe is an eerie and chilling throwback to a time in history that we should never, ever repeat. And while it may have gone no further than singing a song (this time), indoctrinating children with a certain point of view, especially concerning politics, is always the calling card of evil.

Notice any similarities??

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