Thursday, October 4, 2012

Urine testing for tobacco?

Ever see the movie Demolition Man? Where anything bad for you is illegal. Yeah, that's where we're headed.

I just learned that a local hospital will now be urine testing applicants for traces of tobacco. If tobacco is found, the applicant will not be hired. This is beyond ridiculous to me. I can understand testing for illegal drugs...but to test for tobacco is at least an intrusion into people's private lives and at worst discrimination based on a private choice. I get cigarettes are bad for you and hospitals promote health. But cheesburgers, bacon, and caffeine are also bad for you if overindulged upon. Should we start urine testing for caffeine? Should we ban people from working in a hospital if they eat one too many bacon cheeseburgers? How about if they are regular skydivers?

And what if someone has a cigar at a friend's bachelor party or celebrating the birth of a child? Should they not be allowed to work in a hospital because they occasionally have a cigar? Apparently some hospitals think so. What a crock.

The ACLU has gotten involved, which is good. Normally the ACLU is on my bad side for doing something idiotic, but in this case I support them fully. They are saying an employer shouldn't be rejecting people from work based on personal choices. I agree. When will the P.C. policy stop? When everything is illegal? Why don't we treat people like thinking, reasoning beings and then let them decide what actions they will or will not engage in? If we're gonna ban people from working because they engage in unhealthy activities, than they better start banning people from work based on sexual activity. Promiscuity has been found to lead to an increased rate of STD's. That's unhealthy.
See. Once you start banning one thing, you're gonna have to ban it all. And that's just gonna suck. But it's on it's way. First it's cigarettes and large sodas, soon it'll be coffee and cheeseburgers. And though I wouldn't miss coffee, I don't wanna live in a world without cheeseburgers.

This is where it's headed.

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